346px-BonefoldersBone Folder 5 1/2” Gaylord Part # 6480

The application of pressure is a common step in repairs. The bone folder is used to make folding easier and is more precise than folding by hand. The bone folder can also be used for creasing and scoring precisely along measured lines.  It can be used to make temporary creases to help you plan a repair.  Traditionally, bone folders are made out of cow bone, so that they are sturdy, smooth, and do not react or damage delicate materials.


Glue Brushes

P1060222Glue brushes are used to apply both PVA glue and wheat starch paste during repairs. Be sure to maintain your brushes by washing them after use and placing them in water while you are working so the glue doesn’t harden on the bristles.  Brushes should be replaced when they start to shed bristles.

Tip: Wrap a brush in a wet paper towel while working to keep the glue from hardening and minimize spills from an open bowl of water.


Microspatulas:  Gaylord Part #s: AP8 and MIC

P1060227Microspatulas can be used to get between layers of a book’s structure. In the past, we have used microspatulas to pull the cloth on the cover apart apart from the boards, to removed dried glue, smooth Japanese paper, or to quickly reverse a incorrectly completed repair.  Currently we have both flat and tapered end microspatulas. Click here for a interesting article showing the uses of microspatulas.


3958776BookPress: Gaylord Part #: BKPRS-L

A book press applies pressure to books while glue dries and hardens. Evenly applied pressure assures that the book will be flat and resist deformation while drying. Unequal pressure can cause a book to warp and twist.

To Use the Book Press: 

 Place a book between two boards. Place the boards into the press and center them.  Adjust the arm to the appropriate height for your book. Insert the metal bolt into the metal circle on the top board and using the handle, screw the bolt all the way down to apply pressure evenly upon the books in the press.


Brass Edge Boards: Gaylord Part HYB01542

Edge boards are used in hardcover book repairs to help set the crease that runs vertically along a book’s outer cover. Edge boards are used in conjunction with the book press.

P1060224To Use Edge Boards:

Place the first edge board onto the book press and place the book on top. You will need to line up the copper edge of the board with the joints or hinges of the book’s outer cover. Repeat this process by placing the second edge board on top of the book. Then close and tighten the book press as normal.



If you do not have edge boards, they can be simulated with wooden skewers or dowels. Simply align the skewers with the grooves on each side of the book, place in the book press, and proceed as normal.


Simulating “edge boards” with wooden skewers.